My daughter and I recently attended your Horsemanship clinic and thoroughly enjoyed it. You had both of our horses listening to us better than I ever imagined possible. One of my horses had never done any lateral work and you had us side passing beautifully. Thank you for being so articulate and breaking difficult maneuvers into steps we could understand. I highly recommend your clinics.
~ Chris C.
Clinic Participant

Joe Weitekamp Level 2 Riding Clinic

23-24 March 2013 in Pilot Point, Texas

This clinic will cover:

  • Softening, flexion and body control At the walk, trot and lope (canter)
  • Collection
  • Form to Function
  • Straightness
  • Balance
  • Introduction of exercises to improve the above.
  • Stops
  • Turns
  • Side pass
  • Lead departures
  • Backing

Who Should Attend: Anyone who wants to take their horsemanship to the next level. This course will improve your skills and communication with your horse, which will result in a more willing horse and help you have a safer riding horse.

For more information or to pre-register or to host a clinic, please contact Joe Weitekamp via email weitekampjoe@yahoo.com or 469-245-7821

Joe and Lexie working on the stop

Take your horse and your own training to the next level with this advanced Riding Clinic in Pilot Point, Texas. Joe can help you achieve more flex and collection with your horse, which leads to a more attentive, responsive and pleasurable ride. Many topics to be covered, register today!
Starts: 03/16/2013
Ends: 03/17/2013
10761 Cole Road
Pilot Point, Texas


Registration must be recieved by March 8th. All entries recieved after March 8th will have a $50 late registration fee included.

Level 2 participation options

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I just wanted to thank you again for her wonderful start in partnership with humans. She is everything and more than my highest hopes to find again after having two such loving and kind horse partners in the past. The first mare I had for 34 years, the second I had for only 20 years, but they were such true soul mates and I believe Bella will be everything they were and more.

~ Viki LaCamera - Bella's new Owner (Bella is a mustang trained by Joe)

Just an update on Dyno, he is amazing. He has already bonded with everyone. We can not go outside without him neighing at us and he won't stop neighing until we go up to him and pet him. He is such a laid back horse, nothing really seems to bother him. [...] Thanks for all of the hard work you put into Dyno!

~ Priscilla - Dyno's new owner (Dyno is a mustang trained by Joe)