My daughter and I recently attended your Horsemanship clinic and thoroughly enjoyed it. You had both of our horses listening to us better than I ever imagined possible. One of my horses had never done any lateral work and you had us side passing beautifully. Thank you for being so articulate and breaking difficult maneuvers into steps we could understand. I highly recommend your clinics.
~ Chris C.
Clinic Participant

Weitekamp Horse Training

Joe and Kim Weitekamp

Joe and Kim Weitekamp

* Experienced Professional Horse Trainer & Clinician

* Extreme Mustang Makeover Top Ten Finalist Multiple Times

* Uses Gentle Natural Horsemanship Training Techniques

* Located in the Dallas / Ft Worth Metro Area

The Weitekamp Philosophy for Horse Training

My Goal is to help horse owners gain a better understanding of their horses and their riding abilities to make horse ownership a more positive experience.

I incorporate horse training methods used by many of the top trainers in the country, as well as, some that are not as well known. I do not believe that there is only one correct method, but there is only one correct result.

Horses are like people in that they are all different in how they learn: their abilities, their personalities and temperament.

Taking these things into account I use the method that provides the least amount of pressure to achieve the desired result.

How Joe Can Help You

Do you have a problem horse?
Does your horse spook constantly?
Do you want to feel more confident riding your horse?
Are you looking for someone to advance your riding to the next level for competition?
Or do you just want a refresher course for you or your horse?

Joe offers the following services that can help you:

Horse Training
Horse Boarding
Horsemanship Clinics – both Groundwork Clinics and Riding Clinics
Riding Lessons

If you would like to be more in sync with your horse, call me today at


I just wanted to thank you again for her wonderful start in partnership with humans. She is everything and more than my highest hopes to find again after having two such loving and kind horse partners in the past. The first mare I had for 34 years, the second I had for only 20 years, but they were such true soul mates and I believe Bella will be everything they were and more.

~ Viki LaCamera - Bella's new Owner (Bella is a mustang trained by Joe)

Just an update on Dyno, he is amazing. He has already bonded with everyone. We can not go outside without him neighing at us and he won't stop neighing until we go up to him and pet him. He is such a laid back horse, nothing really seems to bother him. [...] Thanks for all of the hard work you put into Dyno!

~ Priscilla - Dyno's new owner (Dyno is a mustang trained by Joe)